Our Principles

+ First Nations as central
+ Reciprocity
+ Artist-centric
+ Sustainable and equitable
+ Experimentation
+ Asia-focused


Catherine Jones


Mayella Koroi

First Nations Lead - Associate Producer

Kath Papas

First Nations Lead - Senior Producer

Megan Steller

Operations Coordinator

Melanie Burge

Associate Producer

Renée Dudfield

Program Producer

First Nations

Blak LAB at Abbotsford Convent, February 2020.

First Nations Advisory Group

Rachael Maza AM

ILBIJERRI Theatre Company

Ben Graetz

Creative Director, Producer & Independent Artist

Merindah Donnelly

Ali Murphy-Oates (left) & Lily Shearer (right)

Rotating position, Moogahlin Performing Arts

Gina Rings


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