Rawcus is an award-winning and critically acclaimed long-term ensemble of artists with and without disability who create distinct performance work. Collaborating with a core creative team Rawcus devises new work that expresses the imaginative world of the Ensemble. Drawing on dance, theatre and visual art disciplines, the work is crafted with a precision that supports the performers but allows space for their inherent sense of anarchy. Rawcus’ performance aesthetic is characterised by a marriage of intense physicality, arresting visual imagery and devised text.

Rawcus’ work has featured as part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival, Dance Massive, Next Wave and Melbourne Fringe. Rawcus is known for adventurous, unexpected and highly successful collaborations. We have collaborated with artists and companies including the Melbourne, Symphony Orchestra, The Invenio Singer and Restless Dance. Song for a Weary Throat (2017) was nominated for a Helpmann Award 2019 for Best Production, received three Green Room awards in the Independent Theatre Category for Production, Ensemble and Music Composition and Sound Design. We were nominated for Green Room Awards 2015 for the Ensemble’s Performance in Catalogue. Green Room Awards 2011 for Small Odysseys for Lighting Design and nominations for Outstanding Production, Direction, Sound Design and Design Integration for Small Odysseys. Winner 2008 Best Performance The Heart of Another is a Dark Forest and Outstanding Production Not Dead Yet at Melbourne Fringe.

Weaving together dance, music and text, Tracker invites the audience into an open and transformative ceremonial space. This remarkable story is brought to life by a team of celebrated First Nations creatives, including award-winning playwright Ursula Yovich , co-director Rachael Maza AM, composers James Henry and Gary Watling, visual artist Jonathan Jones, lighting designer Chloe Ogilvie and an all-First Nations cast.

Culturally rich and ambitiously original, this multidisciplinary work rethinks how we engage with and experience First Nations storytelling.


Founder and Artistic Director, Talking Stick Festival (CAN)