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Progress Report

Alison Currie & Alisdair Macindoe

Progress Report brings together long-time collaborators, dance makers and multidisciplinary artists Alison Currie and Alisdair Macindoe, and their mutual interest in the place of objects and subjects in performance. The work is produced by Insite Arts International.

Alison Currie is an independent choreographer and performer based on Kaurna Land, in South Australia. She holds a Research Masters in Choreography and Performance from University of Roehampton, UK and a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Performance from Adelaide College of the Arts. Alison makes works that connect the individual with universally shared humanity through live performance. She has been commissioned to create new works by Australian Dance Theatre (ADT), Performance Space, Carriageworks, AC Arts, RAW Moves Singapore, Fine Print Magazine and OZAsia Festival. She was a finalist at the Keir Choreographic Award with De-Limit co-directed with David Cross. Alison was awarded Arts South Australia’s inaugural Triennial Project Grant to present and tour her first major work to four states of Australia in 2008 & 2010. She is a current board member of Dance Hub SA.

Alisdair Macindoe is an independent multidisciplinary choreographer living on Woi Wurrung country (Melbourne, Australia). With an interest in extending the boundaries of choreographic practice, Alisdair’s work spans dance, sound, electronics, coding and text. Recent works have seen him explore automated dance and Artificial Intelligence; new technology for music expression; trans-humanism; waste and climate change; and identity in the age of narcissism. Alisdair has received 5 Greenroom awards; an Australian Helpmann Award and a New York Performing Arts Award ‘Bessie’. Alisdair was the 2019 Resident Director for Lucy Guerin Inc; the 2019 Ausdance Peggy Van Praagh Fellow; the 2020 Dancenorth NO-SHOW resident and a 2020-21 Sidney Myer Foundation Creative Fellow. He is a current board member of Ausdance Victoria.

Insite Arts bring thirty years of experience in the performing arts industry. Collaborations with artists to create contemporary productions across genres, cultures, styles and scale are the cornerstones of Insite’s work. Insite Arts work also encompasses intimate showcases, small independent venue presentations, major theatre and festival productions and large-scale major outdoor events.


Progress Report is a dance, text, and visual art performance that critiques and unravels our relationship to waste. The work plunges into the psychology of the solo performer as they grapple with the contradictory, at times hilarious and often unbearable truths embedded in polystyrene. A hortative manifesto expressed through complex passages of dance, relatable reflections, and absurdist humour. Progress Report boldly proclaims, ‘wasting waste is a waste’, and exemplifies the imperative need to transform the value of garbage.

Progress Report is assembled from several cubic meters of industrial plastics intercepted midway through the recycling process. Providing an opportunity to engage community in a local recycling project, the Creators collaborate with the Presenter to source domestic and industrial polystyrene waste from local businesses and individuals. This waste is sculpted for the presentation into a stunning collection of props, gigantic climbable mountain, and snowstorm. Post-season, the waste is recycled through local upcycling and reclamation processes.

Progress Report aligns with programming that champions unique cross-artform productions, artistic contributions to current social narratives, and community engagement opportunities. Demonstrating an alternative way to infuse direct environmental action, in the process of touring art, Progress Report is an example of how our sector can act in response to climate change, aligning choreographic action with social action.

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