House in the Dunes

Belloo Creative

House In The Dunes is a contemporary fable told inside a site-specific installation. The work is a collaboration between artists from First Nations Australia, Australia, Japan and New Zealand and is intended for audiences of all ages.

The story at the heart of the work is of a woman digging through the earth in search of her buried home. It’s a love story, a story of entrapment and an ode to the natural world.


House In The Dunes explores connection to landscape through themes of journeying, belonging, migration and elemental forces of nature celebrating the beauty of impermanence in both scripted/physical story and an accompanying interactive workshop.

House in the Dunes is performed in Japanese and English and includes live performance and projection. Collaborating partners: Belloo, Idiot Savant Theatre, Good Company Arts & NORPA.


Belloo Creative is an all-female, award-winning theatre company that creates innovative, inclusive and experiential work including transcultural performance. Belloo works from a collaborative framework that traverses text and physical form to produce original contemporary theatre. With decades of experience in the performing arts, the four women in Belloo are Caroline Dunphy, Katherine Lyall-Watson, Kathryn Kelly and Danielle Shankey.