Image: Johnny Chaing

Branch Nebula

Air Time

Branch Nebula is a distinct voice in Australian performance culture, making visceral and audacious performances. We enjoy success at home and internationally, and are presented by major cultural institutions, yet our work resists easy consumption. We are driven by a deep dissatisfaction with the hierarchies that shape the world, the structures that rank and grade, the barriers that warp and constrain. We value the devalued, spotlight the marginal, and celebrate the clefts in the concrete where the weeds push through. And we have fun with this. In the windy space between the car park and the shopping mall, in the graffitied underpass, and in the piss-stained stairwell built then abandoned, we find pockets of paradise.

Our work is about bodies: the special things they can do, the training regimes they endure, their cracks and flaws. Our work is about the spaces these bodies inhabit: stages, plazas, streets and parks. Our work is also about audiences and what they desire from these bodies and spaces.

Our ravenous appreciation of grass roots culture drives our passion and skill for making shared experiences with and for communities. Our genuine collaborations with a range of sub-cultural forms combine to make us an innovative, influential leader in Australian artmaking.


In Air Time skate ramps tower over the audience, propelling BMXers, skaters, dancers and parkourists with extreme speed and height. Air Time represents a phase in time within a vista of colours, light, and shadows at interplay with the elements. Performers negotiate their obstacle filled environment, challenging themselves with escalating difficulty underscored by chunky beats. Fierce dedication to reaching wild heights while executing stunts with precision is breathtaking. The chaotic and anarchic street energy of Air Time exhilarates audiences with the risk and danger of bodies on foot and bodies on wheels.

Air Time builds on Branch Nebula’s last decade of extensive street-style work showcasing outstanding talent. In 2004 Branch Nebula brought the virtuosity of street culture into the theatre for the first time, with Paradise City touring Australia and Brazil. For the 2013 Sydney Festival they choreographed a show in a skatepark with Concrete and Bone Sessions. Helpmann Award winning Snake Sessions is an improvised show that infiltrates a skate park alongside locals who continue using it, and has toured to 14 Australian skate parks with more on the way in 2024. For locations without skateparks we made DEMO (2019) and demi-DEMO (2021) which are street-style works that happen outdoors on custom built portable skate ramps.

In Air Time, Branch Nebula returns to the theatre with a complex and spectacular show honouring our history. Air Time uses our knowledge of the artforms and subcultures informed by years of immersing ourselves and our audiences in street-style performances.

Jennifer Greer Holmes