Image: Tristan Still

Branch Nebula

Sydney, Australia

Branch Nebula is one of Australia’s most adventurous companies pushing the boundaries of performance. Working at the nexus between performance, dance, sport and street-styles, we immerse our diverse audiences in the creativity of urban landscapes and vital theatrical experiences.

We present our works in a range of environments; from skate parks of regional Australia to theatres in major festivals and contemporary art centres in inner cities when that fits. We bring people and culture together, regardless of the venue and outside of traditional settings.


This company profile explores our practice through examples of two works:

High Performance Packing Tape, an “astonishing, terrifying and profound” performance experience for medium theatres, already touring (Adelaide Festival March 5-8)

DEMO: a skatepark drops into your city…  on a set of portable ramps for public spaces and theatres.

“This is site-specificity of the most immediate kind, a visceral connection to a place of play, not its social role or its history, in a display of what is often regarded as fun but here as art without losing the integrity of its popular foundations.” – RealTime Art Magazine