Image: Thomas Supple

Siren Song

Byron J. Scullin, Hannah Fox & Thomas Supple

Siren Song is devised as a large-scale, outdoor sonic artwork that fills the skies of a city.

Beginning with technology used in the weaponisation and authoritarian implementation of sound, Siren Song presents the beauty and depth of the female voice on an unprecedented scale. Exploring sound spatialised on the scale of city blocks, from the tops of building and via the use of a helicopter equipped with tsunami warning PA system.


The work aims to invert ideas such as sound as an expression of patriarchal power, sound as an alarm or alert, and how sonic tools used to control and communicate might give voice to beauty and abstraction.

Siren Song is a marker of time, occurring at dawn and dusk each day, providing a range of female voices concerned with the future of humanity access to a scale of broadcast that matches the importance of their message.

Siren Song is a collaborative project created by Byron J. Scullin, Hannah Fox & Thomas Supple


“The magic of sunrise and sundown help Siren Songs become Dark Mofo’s most popular ritual. It’s like one of those soft-focus pictures of angels descending from heaven has come to life.” – The Quietus

“It’s a woman’s voice that sounds part keening, part opera, part dirge and part call to prayer.” – The Guardian

“Siren Song… rewards those prepared to pause and acknowledge the passing of time.” – The Monthly

“That… daily incantation of Siren Song brought tears of joy to my eyes.” – The Guardian