Image: Kate O'Sullivan.


Brisbane, Australia

Counterpilot is an award-winning collective of interdisciplinary artists who boldly experiment with new applications of technology to create interactive performances for adventurous audiences.



Activating audiences with new technology, rich design, and transmedia storytelling, Counterpilot transform the familiar and conjure rich fictional worlds against a backdrop of the everyday.

Armed with a suite of high-tech tools including 3D printers, geo-locative audio, SMS distribution networks, RFID voting systems and biometric sensors, Counterpilot put the audience at the centre of unique, intimate experiences – whether they be physical journeys, experiential narrative, or heightened gameplay with a theatrical spin.

Counterpilot is directed by Nathan Sibthorpe, with regular collaborators including Mike Willmett (sound designer), Clinton Freeman (software designer), Christine Felmingham (technical designer) and Sarah Winter (production designer).

Works to date include TRUTHMACHINE (2019), STATUM (2019), CRUNCH TIME (2018), Spectate (2017), and This is Capital City (2015).

“No one else is making work quite like this” – The Age