Ensemble Tikoro

Bandung, Indonesia

Ensemble Tikoro is a contemporary music group founded in 2012 by Robi Rusdiana, using throat singing, gangsa, extended vocal, and dominated by vocal techniques from extreme metal music like death metal, black metal, thrash metal, hardcore, punk, etc. The members of Ensemble Tikoro are metalheads from the underground metal community of Bandung, playing contemporary music with classical notation or combine with other musical scores, with a strong interest in traditional culture.


Metal was created in both Melbourne and Bandung, a town that sits beneath Tangkuban Perahu. This active volcano embodies the idea of one world spilling into another, where the crust of the earth is thin and what is known and not known converge with explosive energy.

Co-created by Lucy Guerin and Ensemble Tikoro’s Robi Rusdiana, the performance sees heavy metal and traditional throat singing collide with contemporary Australian dance in an encounter that ultimately transforms them both, as the ghosts of tradition merge with music and dance to invent new mythologies for a globalised world.


Aneke McCulloch
Producer, Lucy Guerin Inc
+61 408 818 708