Image: Hannah Brooke

Gravity Dolls

Future Proof

Gravity Dolls is a groundbreaking and critically acclaimed circus-theatre company based in Naarm. Founded in 2014, the group has garnered a reputation for their multidisciplinary approach, fusing contemporary circus, physical theatre, and original writing to create thought-provoking experiences that challenge societal norms and power structures. Under the visionary leadership of Tim Rutty and Harlow Carey, Gravity Dolls has crafted a unique artistic practice that combines contrasting themes, provoking powerful emotional responses in audiences.

Their debut show, My Life in Boxes, premiered at Melbourne Fringe in 2014. It won the ‘Original New Circus’ Award supported by Circus Oz before successful interstate and regional tours.

Their production Level Up pushed boundaries with an innovative self-contained set, providing an in-built rigging system, independent from the venue. It was the first circus work to be programmed in Poppy Seed Theatre Festival before touring throughout Victoria.

Future Proof premiered in 2022 at Arts Centre Melbourne, commissioned by the Springboard Program.

Their journey is testament to their unwavering commitment to artistic excellence, social change, and community engagement. Their fearless exploration, innovative, and inclusive practices, has solidified their position as trailblazers within the circus sector. The collective’s impact continues to reverberate, captivating audiences and inspiring positive change.


Future Proof is a bold, unflinching study of the modern world. It is a visually arresting work that vibrates with the challenges of the 21st century: the light and dark, the ugly and the absurd.

The power of this piece is how it draws you in, gets under your skin, then spirals into chaos leaving you reeling from the stark re-imaginings of what our future could be.

Future Proof portrays the physical and emotional toll of modern life, including the impact on individuals’ well-being, mental health, and relationships. It explores the consequences of living in a fast-paced, competitive world and the toll it takes on our physical and emotional wellbeing.

This is a timely work that reflects the increase of individualism and intolerance that has only been amplified by the stresses of a global pandemic. Aside from the obvious negative impacts, individualism also prevents us from solving our collective problems such as the climate crisis. Future Proof is important because it highlights that overcoming the global challenges of the 21st century relies upon us working collaboratively.

Haunting, startling, immersive, beautiful, serene yet at times macabre, Future Proof resonates long afterwards… Exposing our collective unconscious brilliantly.” – Audience feedback

Future Proof resists easy categorisation and explanation. Amazing humans use movement and metaphors to move and challenge the audience to reflect… and it’s beautiful.” – Audience feedback