Helen Cole

Artistic Director & Co-CEO, In Between Time

Helen is the Founder, Artistic Director and Co-CEO of In Between Time.  

In Between Time is a producer of extraordinary art works, and the In Between Time Festivals. In 2021 we celebrated our 20th year.  Put simply we believe art has the power to change the world. 

Helen is an explorer. She believes that art and artists are vital and that in creativity lies the solution to so many of our challenges. Always open and learning, Helen is inspired by the myriad of possibilities that unfold when artists and audiences come together. You are just as likely to find Helen working with artists in a forest or a cave system as a theatre or an art gallery. She is a passionate advocate for live art, a supporter of equity and human rights and her commitment to these values plays out in the work that she and In Between Time produces. Helen is a founding member of Live Art UK and her work as an Artist, Festival Director, Producer, Teacher, Writer and Speaker has been experienced all over the world.