June Tan


June Tan is a biologist from Imperial College, London and member of the arts collective, Five Arts Centre (Malaysia). Since 1997, June has stage-managed, tour-managed, and produced numerous local and international co-productions. This includes Baling (2015), co-production between Asian Arts Theatre (South Korea), TPAM – Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama (Japan) and Kyoto Experiment (Japan); Version 2020 The Complete Futures of Malaysia Chapter 3 (2017), co-production with SPIELART Festival Munich and National Museum of Modern Art (South Korea). Her latest co-production was in 2019 with GE14, co-produced with TPAM – Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama (Japan).

June’s producing experience builds from her experience in the corporate sector (1997-2008). She is interested in understanding systems, and in facilitating space for difference, for discussion, and models for art making. This is seen in her initiation for platforms for emerging practitioners (Tiga), and her programming for KOTAK, an independent arts space in Kuala Lumpur. June is also involved as secretariat and committee member of ReformARTsi, a community coalition advocating policy change in the arts.