Hundreds + Thousands

Luke George & Daniel Kok

A performance for one hundred people and one hundred potted plants.

In this new creation, Melbourne-based Daniel Kok and Singapore-based Luke George enlist plants as performative actants: audience, fellow performers, artistic collaborators and social mediators. They propose a dialogic relationship with plants, working from the basis that plants know. What do plants know? What do plants see in us?


Following on from their highly successful collaboration Bunny, Luke and Daniel will go further in their research on communality by investigating alternative ways of seeing, attempting to reorganise the way we perceive time, bodies and materiality, rearranging the experience of the visual, sensual and the sensible. Listening to, breathing with, waiting for for…arriving at moments when the in-between reveals itself and we catch a glimpse of a world where the human is displaced.

Daniel and Luke are creating Hundreds + Thousands with a group of interdisciplinary artists from Melbourne, Singapore, Manila and Taiwan.


Luke George creates new choreographic work that takes daring and at times, unorthodox methods, to explore new intimacies and connections between artist and audience. Born in Tasmania and based in Narrm-Melbourne, Luke creates and performs work locally and internationally/ culturally through connecting and working with artists, curators and public across multiple platforms and communities across Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. A high awarded and commissioned artist, in 2019 Luke has received an Australia Council for the Arts Fellowship.

Daniel Kok studied Fine Art & Critical Theory at Goldsmiths College (London, 1997-2001), Solo/Dance/ Authorship (SODA, HZT, Berlin, 2012) and Advanced Performance and Scenography Studies (APASS, Brussels, 2014). In 2008, he received the Young Artist Award from National Arts Council (Singapore). Exploring the relational politics in spectatorship and audienceship, Daniel has worked with pole dance, cheerleading, bondage and other ‘figures of performance’. His performances have been presented across Asia, Europe, Australia and North America. Daniel is the artistic director of Dance Nucleus (Singapore), an independent dance space for artistic research, creative development and critical discourse.

Collaborating since 2014, Luke and Daniel’s work Bunny has been performed in 15 programs internationally, including the 2019 Venice Biennale.

“These points of connection – manifested in ropes and restraints tied with an air of ritual and reverence – ensure that Bunny highlights something all too rare in the theatre: an embodied sense of engagement and community. Not only does the work make us part of the performance; it emphasises our shared involvement, transforming onlookers to performers, regardless of whether we are tied up on stage or watching on enthralled. Bunny is an intimate exploration of trust and acquiescence, artistry and sensuality, queerness and play; a thrilling, exquisite and compelling.” – Bunny Review, Richard Watts for ArtsHub


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Producer (Melbourne)
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Something Great
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