Trash Magic

Luminous Productions

Luminous Productions is an all-abilities theatre company that creates professional productions with artists with disabilities under the mentorship of Artistic Director, Tania Lieman. Their first production, Trash Magic, was developed in 2020-2021 with its premiere and first tour in the Northern Territory in 2022. Luminous Productions is founded on decades of disability art practice facilitated by Tania Lieman with a group called CemeNTstars – an extension of artistic practice for artists with disability.

Elizabeth Rogers is an independent creative producer, tour coordinator and theatre-maker. Elizabeth has been working with Tania Lieman since 2018 on various touring productions, with Trash Magic being their first production created for children. Elizabeth has toured through 13 countries on a range of productions, including children’s shows, musicals, music productions and dance shows. Her work is characterised by cross-cultural experiences with an emphasis on flexible and outside-the-box approaches.


Trash Magic takes families on a fluorescent journey into the bush with magical friends through blacklight theatre puppetry. Presented in Auslan with English voice-over and underscored by a timeless musical soundtrack, Children journey through the bush with Ruby and her family who learn important lessons in land conservation.

Auslan, woven through the work is used as a performance and communication tool. A voiceover in English translated the dialogue for audiences. The decision to build an accessibility element into the performance brought Auslan to the forefront of the Luminous team, and made every performance easily experienced by the Deaf community.

Touring through the Northern Territory in 2022, the production attracted diverse demographics living in regional and remote parts of the Territory such as general audiences, families, people living with disabilities, schools and Indigenous communities. From young to old the performance delighted all-ages with its vibrant, retro music, entertaining puppetry and clear messaging ‘look after the environment’. With accessibility being at the core of the project the work was able to be experienced by the widest possible audience – for all ages and as many language groups as wished to be involved around the Northern Territory.

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Elizabeth Rogers