Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey

Maddie and Tim are audio conceptual artists who create unexpected situations for listening. Their work is driven by a curiosity about listening in human culture and seeks to evolve and engage with new processes and audiences, through public and participative interventions. Their long-term collaborative practice intertwines local, national and international relationships. Awards include the Australia Council Award for Experimental Arts, Green Room Awards in Sound, Hybrid and Experimental practice, and National Art Music Awards. They are in demand as allies and artists across artforms, communities and regions.

Their recent endeavours include Artists in Residence at the Cité international des arts in Paris in 2023; presentations at Science Gallery Melbourne (VIC), WiredLab (NSW), Sonica (Scotland), Counterflows (Scotland), Brighton Festival (UK), Bundanon (NSW) in 2022; MONA FOMA, Perth Festival, Homo Novus Festival (Latvia), Busan Sea Art Festival with Lyno Vuth (South Korea) and Arts House Melbourne in 2021.

Current creative obsessions include acoustics of the dark, the sound of artificial intelligences, existential risk, and ecological and cultural impacts of practice.



There is a torrent of human and non-human sound around us.

This is a kinetic sound installation that aims to create a place of respite in a storm.

An ensemble of the detritus of invisible sound and vibration.

Calm in a deluge of information and weather.

Deluge is a sound music installation created on architectural spaces, projecting sound onto the interior surfaces of locations utilising a custom set of ultrasonic speakers mounted on moving gimbals.

The piece constructs a space of sanctuary, with constantly evolving sonic textures and live musicians who come and go in the musical and architectural space. It is a framework that invites participation by a range of musicians and lets audiences stay within the installation for as long as they want. The artists also orchestrate a number of elements into the fabric of the piece: including artificial voice and voice cloning to create a poetic audio description as accessible and integral to the piece.

The installation is a projection mapping in sound. Audiences will hear sound that seems to be coming from different parts of the space in a continually-changing and mesmerising choreography. The speakers work as kinetic sculptures, a hint towards their function as sound diffusers. Ultimately, Deluge creates a space where people are invited to hang out and rest, to think, or not think.

The setup has a light freighting footprint and uses locally-available scaffold tubing and scaffold stands to mount the speakers. The speakers themselves are lightweight and can fit into checked baggage.

Deluge has been created through our time as inaugural artists in residence at Science Gallery Melbourne, supported by Arts House. It is inspired by conversations with CAIDE (Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Ethics), Dr Johanna Trippas (sound and emergency) and Dr Lou Bennett (sound and country) and SOVISA ( Society of Visually Impaired Sound Artists).

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Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey