Image: Matt Byrne

The Lighthouse

Patch Theatre

For centuries we have gathered around light – telling stories, seeking warmth and looking for answers. There is a primitive pull to light, a sense of wonder surrounds it. Our greatest scientists still grapple with what light actually is. It seems to be both a particle and wave, but how?

The Lighthouse is an interactive immersive promenade performance piece for all ages. Part theatre, part immersive art piece, part rave, part science experiment, The Lighthouse puts children and their families at the centre of an exploration of light.


Each room offers a unique theatrical exploration of light, using a performer to bring the story to life.

The Lighthouse is an exciting large-scale production by new Patch Artistic Director, Geoff Cobham, where light will become an integral part of the story, providing audiences with an opportunity to join us on a journey of wonder and delight.

This new work will premiere at the Adelaide Festival on February 25 with the season running to March 6, 2020 at the Queens Theatre. It will then perform, individually adapted for each venue, at the Arts Centre Melbourne, Queensland Performing Arts Centre in 2020 and the Perth International Festival in 2021.


Patch Theatre has been making shows for 4-8 year old children and their families from our home in South Australia since 1972. In our 47 years, we’ve made 109 much loved theatre works and performed to over 1.85 million children around the world.

After premiering new works in Adelaide, Patch tours extensively regionally and nationally (with Australia Council National Touring status to 2021) and to major venues and festivals. International touring is a particular growth area, as we add to over 30 seasons across the USA, Canada, Singapore, Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong and New Zealand. We perform to an average of 40,000 children per year.

In 2019, Patch embarked on an exciting new direction under the leadership of Geoff Cobham (Artistic Director) and Teena Munn (Producer), focussing on a reimagined style of design rich theatrical experiences that put children and their curiosity first.