Image: Daniel James Grant

tiny revolutions

pvi collective

tiny revolutions is a performative residency based project that responds to the current global feeling of helplessness by offering a creative response.


tiny revolutions invites members of the public to submit, via a custom designed website, a large issue that is causing them particular concern, and a playful creative tactic with which they would like the artistic team to work, following which pvi will devise and action (DO) a “tiny revolution” in response. Each “tiny revolution” will be documented with the results delivered back as a reply to each submission on the website.

This work is scalable and there are multiple points of participation for public and peers.

As with all pvi artworks, this project is delivered in a deadly serious but tongue in cheek manner.


Founded in 1998 and based in Perth, Western Australia, pvi collective are a tactical media art group who create agitational participatory artworks intent on the creative disruption of everyday life. The majority of our work is situated in the public realm and operates from the participatory perspective of the audience. Through provocations and immersive experiences, we encourage them to have a strong sense of agency.

The company has produced an eclectic body of work ranging from bus tours, dvd rentals, radio broadcasts, sticker campaigns, privacy tours, tug-of-war competitions, live action board games, community policing initiatives and locative mobile media experiences.