Peter and the Wolf

Silo Theatre

Kids like me are not afraid of wolves.

A story of courage, adventure and friendship, this award-winning adaptation of Sergei Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf is a magical treat for young and old.


After travelling across the world to live with his Grandfather, Peter is struggling to make friends in his new home. When a wolf escapes from the local zoo, Peter sees an opportunity to become a hero and sets off across the city to capture the wolf. Follow Peter’s journey into the unknown through the lens of a video camera as it discovers a magical world filled with puppets, miniature set pieces and music.

In this electric reimagining of Sergei Prokofiev’s beloved musical fairy tale, director Sophie Roberts and composer Leon Radojkovic bring together a glinting musical adaptation with a six-piece band, narration, puppetry and live videography.

A magical experience for anyone aged five and up.

By Sergei Prokofiev, adapted by Sophie Roberts and Leon Radojkovic and directed by Sophie Roberts.

“Feels like the beginning of a journey that could continue in your dreams.” – The Pantograph Punch
“This level of creativity shows off our infamous kiwi ingenuity at its best.” – Theatrescenes
“Wonderfully inventive…dazzling.” – NZ Herald

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