Silvano Giordano

Silvano Giordano has been Director of Wilurarra Creative for over 10 years, living and working in Mirlirrtjarra (Warburton Community) in the very remote Ngaanyatjarra Lands of Western Australia. Silvano has a background in commercial printing, contemporary and community arts, and sound engineering. With the belief that arts, access to technologies and appropriate self-directed learning opportunities are fundamental to self-determination, Silvano works alongside (particularly younger) Ngaanyatjarra people to create exciting and relevant creative opportunities. Since 2004, Wilurarra Creative has facilitated a diverse range of community driven activities and creative programs, co-created with 16-30 year old Ngaanyatjarra people. Project areas include music (recording, practice and performance), concerts, tours, community events, fashion, Social change hairdressing salon, screen printing, design, cultural maintenance, metal work, photography, digital inclusion, videos, publications – including our Alanya project. Foundational to Wilurarra’s success is ‘working Malparara-way’ – Ngaanyatjarra and non-Ngaanyatjarra colleagues working alongside each other.