Image: Eben Greaves


Snuff Puppets

Tender and brutal: a call to engage with life fully with all its contradictions and beauty, eXtinction is Snuff Puppets’ newest work, inspired by the acclaimed book The Garden of Sorrows by John Hughes and Marco Luccio.

Snuff Puppets evolve the fables into a hyperreal audio-visual environment, with iconic Australian animal telling stories of transformation and consciousness awakening.


Amongst the muck is our narrator the Magpie, the Last Koala, a celestial Frill Neck Lizard, a murderous Mosquito, a virtuosic Lyrebird, lovelorn Thylacine, and a Red Belly Black Snake weaving an ouroboros of darkly comic tragedy, of violent transformation, of each animal’s discreate fate in the human made world of the Anthropocene.

Wildly swinging from darkness to light, using Snuff Puppets treasured handmade aesthetic, eXtinction brings together animals, humans, ancient and modern storytelling with innovative and exciting puppetry, leaving audiences to be horrified and hopeful about our collective future.

“Hysterical yet debauched celebration of the human body” – Arts Hub

“In an age defined by digital spectacle, there is a renewed sense of wonder in these handcrafted illusions, as joyously distasteful as they may be” – The Age


Snuff Puppets is a community of Melbourne-based artists, artisans and performers dedicated to the art and craft of giant puppet making and the theatre of puppetry. Since 1992, Snuff Puppets has been unleashing its giant puppet spectacles on millions of people worldwide. Our work is a collision of visual art, sculpture, design, engineering, sound, movement, performance and physical theatre. At the heart is our giant puppets – sometimes gorgeous; sometimes grotesque – and the unpredictable ways they are brought to life.

Snuff Puppets’ lo-fi, spontaneous, collaborative, devised, quick, experimental approach inspires creativity and allows us to leave behind the legacy of our art form and our approach in remote, off-the-beaten-track destinations globally. Snuff Puppets are ambassadors for a distinctive and recognisable Australian culture.