Image: ‘Empty Orchestra’ - Dylan Sheridan

How We Found What We Had Lost


How We Found What We Had Lost engages with extinction and the decline of humans from the plant through the creation of a world that is very much alive, but has none of us in it. Using hacked kitchen appliances, puppetry and simple robotics, a mysterious automated environment comes to life as we listen to a story about the last person on earth. Written by Finegan Kruckemeyer, co-directed by Sam Routledge and Narumi Kouhei and featuring the live compositions and robotics of Dylan Sheridan, How We Found What We Had Lost will be a visually arresting, funny and magical examination of a potential future.


Terrapin and The Aichi Arts Centre (Japan) will partner on the creation of this new work as having successfully worked together on the Japanese premiere of Terrapin’s production of You and Me and The Space Between by Finegan Kruckemeyer. The project will be developed across 2020/21, including as part of a residency at The Kinosaki Arts Centre in Northern Japan. Terrapin is seeking co-comissioning support for a premiere season in 2021 or 2022.


Based in Tasmania, Terrapin explores beyond the borders of contemporary puppetry; contributing to the most urgent conversations of our time. Making work for intergenerational audiences, the company creates work for theatres and interactive installations for public spaces.

The company collaborates and tours nationally and internationally, reaching diverse audiences all over the world at festivals and venues such as The Edinburgh International Children’s Festival, Aichi Arts Centre, A.S.K, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Dark Mofo, Art Centre Melbourne, The Lincoln Center, and the Taipei Children’s Art Festival.

Celebrated playwright Finegan Kruckemeyer, has had 89 commissioned plays performed on five continents, translated into eight languages. He has received 35 awards including the 2017 Mickey Miners Lifetime Achievement Award (for services to international theatre for young audiences).

The last collaboration between the two, You and Me and the Space Between, has toured to China, Japan, the UK and the USA.

“There’s a simple beauty to the tragically contemporary reference points. . . Yet none of it feels heavy-handed, with a story filled with fantasy and wonder delicately freighting the message” – The List on ‘You and Me and the Space Between

“Terrapin makes theatre quite unlike any other company” – Daily Review