Image: Tiffany Garvie

The Dreaming Project

The Dreaming Project

The Dreaming Project is a move forward for First Nations art, aiming to represent aspects of First Nations culture, art and expression, including our deep songlines, dreaming stories, dances and paintings. We use projections, music and physical performance to bring these stories alive. We hope to share these stories with audiences and other First Nations mob around the world, and using physical action to tell these stories while the music and projections create layers of experiences to touch all elements of the human senses. We use our traditional learning with modern technologies to tell the stories of modern First Nations mob and their Dreaming. Dreaming has never left us and in many ways, we express it differently, be it dance, music, circus or any other art form. Our Dreaming is vast and evolving, and it is important that the Dreaming Project holds onto that space but also shares this with the world.


Time. Place. Space.

Drawing inspiration from ceremony and cultural connection, The Dreaming Project celebrates multiple elements of Aboriginal dreamtime. A rich movement of storytelling led by First Nations creatives, The Dreaming Project brings together circus performance, projection art, lighting, dance and traditional practices.

Each show commences at sunset. As darkness descends, we begin with fire and gradually introduce new elements. Through sound, light and performance – every detail is carefully selected, endeavouring to honour ancestry and represent the beginning of Country.

By illuminating and activating different spaces, Dylan Singh’s vision and creativity will breathe life into the story with a sequence of performances informed by ancestry and connection to Country.

As you go through a cycle of interconnected and compounding stories, The Dreaming Project is a promenade performance that will transport you to otherworldly places for an unforgettable and enriching experience.