Image: Vikk Shayen

The Space Between Performance Collective


In 2009 Gabrielle New founded The Space Between Performance Collective which invites collaborators to develop new multi-dimensional performance works primarily aimed at pushing the boundaries of the live performance experience. The collective is interested in inhabiting the liminal, the border zone — not in terms of perpetuating divisions or dualities, but rather exploring how perceived dualities mesh and interweave. In this way, we explore ‘the space between’ self and other, audience and performer, body and place/environment, interior psyche and exterior action, sensory perception and movement, dance and sound, sculpture, video and performance, archetype and myth, etc.

The group has had four major productions; Creature (2009-2011, directed by Gabrielle Leah New), Ten Worlds (2013, directed by Helen Smith) and Thing with Feathers (2013, Gabrielle Leah New and Kathleen Doyle). Reclaim the Crone premiered in April 2023 at Drift Festival with a significant development and presentation grant from the Mornington Peninsula Performing Arts Fund. This production is a collaboration with artists Norm Skipp, Helen Smith and Karen Berger. All members have years of international experience.

Director Gabrielle New is a multi-arts practitioner with an expanded performance practice working with textiles, installation, photography, text, video and live/participatory performance to explore themes of identity, relationship to self, other and place, transformation and the space between internal and external worlds, informed by her Butoh, Bodyweather and Improvisation practices and work as a therapist, creating surreal, otherworldly, psychological landscapes.

Gabrielle received her MFA with distinction at RMIT in 2014, in 2015 a Graduate Certificate in Art and Community Engagement at Victorian College of the Arts, and in 2009 a Diploma of Theatre Arts at Victoria University. In 2000 she was a company member of MAU Dance Theatre, New Zealand, and in 2009 a directing intern with Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre, Brisbane. She has performed and exhibited internationally and in Australia for many years.


Getting old doesn’t have to mean becoming invisible. Defiantly coming out of the cultural shadow, these dangerous older women Reclaim their Crone superpowers to transform the planet.

Join us in a world where age, experience and knowledge are power, beauty and trouble.

Reclaim the Crone is a bold and haunting new performance that uses contemporary Butoh Dance Theatre, Projection, Poetry and Song, to take you on a wild adventure to reclaim the archetype of the Wise Old Woman.

Witness the Crones as they journey and fight for recognition within the Patriarchal domain, invoking the Goddesses of old through song, ritual and powerful dance.

Inspired by the wise words of local Crones, they will mourn the losses of climate devastation and get down to business cleaning up the metaphorical mess as they mend and weave a potential new world where humanity reconnects with the mysterious old crone – Mother Earth.

A one-hour, visually stunning, powerful, unexpected journey from invisibility, through to empowerment and healing. This show is tour-ready and has premiered in 2023. It has an upcoming Melbourne season in July 2024.

“…a weird, wild, and wonderful evening….entertaining, visually stunning, with a message. You can’t ask for more than that.” – Morgan Rose, theatre maker, playwright, dramaturg, Artistic Director of Rawcus

“An alluring visual treat wrapped in messages.” – Zya Kane, theatre maker, director, performer

Gabrielle Leah New