Image: Alexis D. Lea


Throw Catch Collective

Throw Catch Collective features Byron Hutton, Joe Fisher and Richard Sullivan. The company tour nationally, in 2019 receiving a Green Room Award nomination for their production Jugg Life. Their latest creation, Escalate, has been supported by Melbourne Fringe & Circus Oz’s Springboard program and Creative Victoria.

Joe performs in Absinthe, a Spiegelworld Las Vegas production. He won the International Jugglers Association Oceania Competition in 2017, and was an invited guest at World Juggling Federation Las Vegas, Israeli Juggling Convention and Glastonbury Festival.

Byron has performed at the European Juggling Convention 2017 and is head juggling coach at the Flying Fruit Fly Circus. He has performed in a variety of settings from the Winner Best Circus Adelaide Fringe 2021, to a Samsung TVC and TV Gala.

Richard is a graduate of prestigious DOCH konstnärliga högskola. He has performed in NEON by Circus Oz, YUMMY, YUMMY DELUXE, WERK IT directed by Malia Walsh, and Lost Lands Festival.

In 2017 the collective met composer Samuel Kreusler. Sam has been commissioned by the University of Melbourne and this composition was selected for showcase at Accademia Dell’arte in Florence, Italy. Sam has also been commissioned by Arts Centre Melbourne to compose for the 5x5x5 Memory project, and was selected for the newly virtual Sō Percussion Summer Institute at Princeton University, USA.

Throw Catch Collective now work with Sam to explore both the visual dynamic of music performance through gesture and theatricality, and juggling’s huge sonic potential and are creating a shared language that combines music and juggling. Ultimately, we aim to refine our dynamic group choreography to a level where the lines between juggler and musician are erased.


Escalate is a multi-sensory theatrical experience blending the aural and visual in music, rhythm and pattern-making through creation of new juggling and music languages. It invites the audience to invest in juggling as a character, using accessible beginnings and raising the stakes to build an intricate choreographic world over the course of the production.

Escalate has redefined juggling as an engaging, vital, vibrant art, brimming with creative possibility, in the same way that Tap Dogs did for tap dancing more than 30 years ago. This has already had an impact on the creative sector, with co-creator Joe Fisher being asked to co-write and choreograph Jay Gilligan’s new work, Another Sunset, and has been approached by Sean Gandini to collaborate since Escalate’s premiere. Similarly, composer and performer Samuel Kreusler will be collaborating on projects with contemporary dancer Arabella Frahn-Starkie after she praised the show as ‘world class’ and tap dancer Eden Read as a direct result of seeing the production. In recognition of the importance and legacy of this artistic impact, Byron has been invited to teach at the National Youth Circus, the Flying Fruit Fly Circus specifically to impart his style and technique.

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