Image: Barton Taylor

Blak Box

Urban Theatre Projects

Blak Box is an architecturally designed surround-sound listening pavilion for First Nations story, language and song.


Curator Daniel Browning
Architect Kevin O’Brien

Blak Box embraces the First Peoples concept of ‘deep listening’ which is based on stories, silences and the spaces that lie between. It is an innovative model that encourages audiences to step inside Blak Box and simply listen to sound, ideas and language from a First Peoples perspective. Blak Box utilises cutting-edge surround-sound equipment and production methods enclosed in a space designed to be the perfect space for conversation.

The pavilion — which glows from dusk – straddles sound, creative writing, contemporary architecture and temporary public art. Each time Blak Box is presented, a new suite of sound works is commissioned that speak directly to place and community.


Urban Theatre Projects (UTP) makes work that has social impact. As Western Sydney’s premier independent arts organisation, UTP has created over 115 new Australian works that have received awards and recognition internationally and nationally including a Sidney Myer Award that recognises the company’s outstanding contribution to theatre. We tell personal, real-life stories that present a complex portrait of contemporary Australia and bring these stories into the everyday by creating site-specific, distinctive, cultural experiences for our audiences.

Daniel Browning is a highly respected journalist, radio broadcaster and sound artist from the Bundjalung and Kullilli peoples of far northern New South Wales and south-western Queensland. Since 2005 he has produced and presented Awaye!, the Indigenous art and culture program on ABC Radio National.

Kevin O’Brien is an architect of Kaurereg and Meriam descent. He is globally renowned for his designs which draw on Aboriginal concepts of space. His Finding Country exhibition was an official Collateral Event of the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale 2012. He founded Kevin O’Brien Architects in 2006. In 2018 he joined BVN as a principal.