Image: Ting Zhang

Victoria Chiu


Victoria Chiu trained at the VCA, Melbourne, Bachelor of Dance. She has performed and toured extensively with European companies Cie Nomades, Cie Gilles Jobin, Micha Purucker, Jozsef Trefeli and Jane Turner. In Australia she has worked with Fiona Malone, Bernadette Walong and with Australian Dance Theatre for TV show Superstars of Dance filmed in LA.


Victoria’s first full length work was a Sydney/Geneva collaboration with Cie József Trefeli called ‘StarStruck’. Victoria and Roland Cox successfully created and toured ‘The Ballad of Herbie Cox’. It toured with critical acclaim across Canada was invited to Los Angeles April 2013 and to Mildura Wentworth Arts Festival 2014. Victoria was Dancehouse Housemate XI in which the work ‘Floored’ was presented in August 2013. Victoria was in residence at Footscray Community Arts Centre 2013 -2016 while working on ‘Do You Speak Chinese?’, this work premiered with critical acclaim in March as part of the 2015 Malthouse season for Dance Massive, toured to Shanghai International Arts Festival RAW!Land October 2015 and Bendigo December 2015. Victoria has collaborated with Arts Fission, Singapore December 2016 with ‘Fire Monkey’ performed at Arts Centre Melbourne, with second season at Northcote Town Hall 2018 and she created ‘Grotto’ at the Immigration Museum for Asia TOPA February 2017.

She appeared in film for Cate Consandine at CCP Melbourne, worked with Linda Sastradipradja on ‘The Dancer as Auteur’ and has begun a new collaboration with Candy Bowers in 2017. Victoria dances in virtual reality film VR-I for Cie Gilles Jobin which won Grand Prix de l’Innovation et Prix du public pour at Festival du Nouveau Cinéma à Montréal 2017 and also screened at Sundance 2018 and Venice Biennale. Her latest work ‘What Happened In Shanghai’ was performed in Shanghai International Arts Festival RAW!Land 2017 and she was commissioned by PPY Sydney Dance Company for short work ‘Viral’ 2018. Victoria has received the Lydia Hao Emerging Artist Award 2013, a Playking Foundation Asian Performing Arts Travel Grant 2015 and has been a Multicultural Arts Victoria Ambassador for Melbourne Festival 2013-2016. ‘Do You Speak Chinese?’ was nominated Most Outstanding Choreography and Victoria Chiu and Kristina Chan Most Outstanding Dancers Dance Australia Critics Survey 2015 and ‘Fire Monkey’ Most Outstanding Choreography 2018.