Image: Brig Bee

Winter Cyan


Winter Cyan is a musician, sound designer, and circus artist whose love of the creative arts and the stage has led her to work as an acrobat, a multi-instrumentalist, a sound engineer, and composer. She is particularly interested in interdisciplinary art, and the arts’ capacity for expression and connection.

A graduate of the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA), Winter specialises in Roue Cyr, group acrobatics and clowning. After graduating, she went on to study sound engineering and music production, and is now exploring new ways to bring together live sound and physical performance.

Coming into her own as a performer at the same time as coming out as transgender, she is passionate about creating stronger positive representation and opportunity for queer folk through her work.

Her recent experience includes Rebel (as a musician and performer), and Cab Suave (as a performer and musical director).


Signal is an interdisciplinary, contemporary acrobatic work that uses technology to translate movement into musical expression; crafting a live soundtrack that responds to physical performance. At a conceptual level, the show uses these tools to explore ideas of empathy and human connection; a love letter to theatre and technical production through light-hearted, playful cross-sensory experiences and synaesthesia.

The work uses motion sensors, load cells, heart rate monitors, contact microphones, touch sensors, and a modular synthesiser, which are used together with high level acrobatics and traditional instrumentation (flute, voice, and clarinet) to craft the original soundtrack.

Signal is unlike anything you will see at Adelaide Fringe this year. A mix of circus, music, and technology. It’s mesmerising from the start, with a layered soundscape starting with breath, the gentle clanging of a metal hoop spinning, giggles and audience claps that put the audience in a trance… In their directorial debut, Winter Cyan has created something truly original and accessible to all. Signal is not to be missed.” – Upside Adelaide, March 2023

Winter Cyan