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YUCK Circus

YUCK Circus

YUCK Circus is a West Australian production company keen on championing the female voice across live performance. Onstage, behind the tech desk, in a creative or managing role; it’s all about giving femme-identifying individuals a hot go to show the world what they’ve got.

YUCK comes from regional and remote towns across Australia, and we are passionate about sharing our work and strengthening communities. Whether in front of an audience of 3,000+ in international theatres, or to a town of a total 30 people, community is at the forefront of all of our work. We strive to create exciting work in the industry, and inspire the next generation of artists.

Our leading project is YUCK Circus, a strong, larrikin crew of acrobatic gals not just throwing around women’s issues, but literally throwing women. This show has toured nationally and internationally, picking up dozens of awards, and thrilling thousands from the public along the way. With the success of this project, YUCK has grown to now have five touring productions in rotation, as well as developing large-scale works for independent organisations and community groups.


YUCK Circus is our multi-award-winning, internationally touring, sell-out show. A 55-minute mix of circus, dance, spoken word, and larrikin humour, all performed by powerhouse cast of lady acrobats.

Gender, period, cat-calls, and binge-drinking; we’re showing the humour of the trials and tribulations of what it’s like grow up as a young woman. But don’t get us wrong, this isn’t girls-only, ‘no boys allowed’ show. With a killer soundtrack, high-flying acrobatics and true-blue comedy, we’ve created a work with the purpose to be inclusive to a diverse audience.

YUCK’s main purpose is to provide a fun night out, celebrating the female voice. We want to bring audiences together, talk about ‘taboo’ and ‘yuck’ topics, and have a rock ‘n’ roll party to boot. Through the use of the accessible genre of comedic circus, we’re able to address serious topics in an easy-going way. We’re careful to not have a ‘down the throat’ attitude, instead encouraging open conversation.

We’re not changing the world in the 55 minutes we have on stage, but instead we’re creating an icebreaker for the chat in the car ride home, enabling accessible and educated conversations on topics that are a bit ‘beat around the bush.’

Every show we perform we’re seeing an active social change, and a positive affirmation for the audience towards the capability and scope in which a woman can perform, both on stage and in everyday life.

Flight of the Conchords meets Cirque du Soleil.” – The Stage UK

A carefully crafted, well-constructed reflection of toxic masculinity and the absurdity of the gender stereotypes that pervade circus, the arts, and society in general.” – Voice Magazine

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