Image: Gregory Lorenzutti

A meeting point for dance, hosted by Dancehouse

Local Players

Melbourne is unashamedly the capital of dance in Australia; the meeting point of multiple artists, communities, companies, excitedly creating and collaborating with a hungry audience of watchers and movers.

Proudly established by artists in 1992, Dancehouse is Australia’s only presenting and producing house dedicated solely to the year-round presentation of dance by and with independent dance artists and communities.

Visit Dancehouse in innercity Carlton to get to know a selection of local independent dance artists and companies. Meet some familiar and new faces, hear about what moves us, what we’ve been thinking about, and what we’re working on next.

Dancehouse provides snacks, screendance works, and probably a dance sushi-train to keep your feet moving.

Hosted by Dancehouse.
MC: Jonathan Homsey.
Screenings: Sarah Aiken.

Featuring: Efren Pamilacan/ Cypher Culture; Jenni Large; Lilian Steiner; Ngioka Bunda-Heath; Phillip Adams/ Temperance Hall; Priya Srinivasan/ Sangam; Sarah Aiken; and Stephanie Lake Company.

Dancehouse is wheelchair accessible. Catering provided on site.

Date: Saturday 17 June
Time: 12:30-14:00 AEST
Venue: Dancehouse, 150 Princes St, Carlton North