À Ố Làng Phố

Playhouse - Arts Centre Melbourne

Few works can claim to have pioneered a new art form, but À Ố Làng Phố has left audiences the world over enthralled by the extraordinary possibilities conjured when bamboo and circus meet.


‘Bamboo circus’ is a style of performance unlike anything you’ve witnessed before: just as bamboo bends without breaking, so too do the astonishing acrobats at the centre of this work perform dizzying feats of strength and agility, all the while sharing the stage with a constantly shifting set constructed entirely from the familiar wood.

Created by the founders of Nouveau Cirque du Vietnam, À Ố Làng Phố translates as ‘from village to city’, and over the course of this magical performance an expanding metropolis is constructed from bamboo poles, woven boats and baskets. From the idyllic beauty and rich culture of life in rural Vietnam to the bustle and sensation of cities on the rise, this transforming landscape is the playground for some of Vietnam’s most talented acrobats as they fuse daring feats with contemporary dance and stunning visual theatre.

Directed by former Cirque du Soleil choreographer Tuấn Lê and set to a live score featuring traditional Vietnamese music and contemporary sounds, this vibrant portrait of a world in motion is full of laughter, thrills and undeniable charm.

Audiences of all ages will be spellbound by the extraordinary theatrical imagination of À Ố Làng Phố, and left buzzing with the energy of Vietnam.


Dates: 27-29 February 2020
Times: Thur 27 Feb 7pm, Fri 28 Feb 7pm, Sat 29 Feb 2pm and 7pm
Venue: Playhouse, Arts Centre Melbourne
Running Time: 70 mins
Recommended for ages 7+