Neighbourhood: Break Outs #1

Break Outs #1

BREAK OUTS #1 | 45 mins

Let’s Get Critical: Navigating the Issues Around Arts Writing
Venue: NOOK
Join Singaporean arts writers Nabilah Said and Carolyn Oei and local writer Bryan Andy, hosted by Grey Yeoh

Self-Determined Storytelling
Eva Grace Mullaley and Ali Murphy-Oates. Curated by APAM’s First Nations Advisory Group

Sharing Stories of Colonial Arts Sectors
Venue: TRUSS
Co-facilitated by Priya Srinivasan and Rani Pramesti

The Relationship is The Project: Collaboration
Jade Lillie in conversation with Eleanor Jackson.

Waiting on Four-Year
Venue: GREEN ROOM #2
Hosted by organisations awaiting Australia Council Four-Year Organisational outcomes

What Are We Talking About When We Talk About The Coronavirus in China …
Lynn Fu in conversation with colleagues in China: Xiao Ke & Zi Han, ZHANG Yuan and HUANG Ophelia

Working On The Ground
Venue: STAGE
Barbara Poliness, Joanna Bayndrian and Mindy Meng Wang
* * *

DEEP DIVES | 90 mins
Deep Dives extend over Break Out #1 and #2 and are 90 minutes in length.

Radical Independence
Venue: DOCK
Kate Davis, Caroline Meaden, Deanne Butterworth and Joel Bray

Your Say: The Role of the Arts in Cultural Diplomacy
Venue: CAFE
Hillary Glow and Katya Johanson