Chunky Move and Contact Gonzo

Osaka’s iconoclast performance group Contact Gonzo gives an astonishing public demonstration blending the combative with the intimate. This performance outcome, engages local dance artists and concludes CHOREOLAB 2020 – Chunky Move’s International workshop program.

Date Saturday 22 February 2020
Time 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Federation Court, NGV


Contact Gonzo has a unique type of performance that involves constant physical contactin forms that sometimes look like street fighting and sometimes dance. The places they perform are equally unique including parks, on the streets, in woods, in nuclear shelters or underground malls. Their form of improvisational performance grew out of the experiments of dancers Masaru Kakio (presently involved in other activities) and Yuya Tsukahara using techniques of the “contact improvisation” style and the Systema style, which is often referred to as a Russian style of Aikido.

Chunky Move in partnership with Asia TOPA and NGV present CHOREOLAB with Contact Gonzo (Japan).