Image: Pier Carthew


Genevieve Lacey and Erkki Veltheim

A major new sound work transforming a haunting, ancient melody into an elemental experience of communal listening, both to each other and the wild earth.


Season: 10-14 June 2023
Sessions during APAM Gathering: Wed 14 June at 5:30pm
Venue: Fitzroy Gardens


Consort Of The Moon imagines a new choral ritual, built from the echoes of an ancient melody.

The work layers live and hyper-real electroacoustic music to usher in a hypnotic, unifying ceremony. Audiences are welcome to participate, or simply sit and listen to a drifting, environmental soundscape that alters the collective sense of space and time.

This twilight gathering is inspired by the oldest known piece of notated song: an ode to Nikkal, Goddess of Orchards and Consort of the Moon. The music echoes the calls of owls, bats and cicadas—blurring lines between human and animal realms in a nocturnal metamorphosis.



Co-Creators: Genevieve Lacey and Erkki Veltheim
Set & Lighting Designer: Bosco Shaw
Dramaturg: Ruth Little
Sound Designer: Byron Scullin
Movement Consultant: Ashley Dyer
Vocalists: Deborah Kayser and Austin Haynes
Production Manager: Nathan Evers
Producer: Freya Waterson
Participation Producer: Chelsea Byrne