Creation, Creation

Windmill Theatre Company

How did we get here? What is the meaning of life? And is it possible to lick your elbow?

We’ve been on a mission asking you, the general public, what you really want to know. Then, we chose two of our favourite artists to answer these burning questions using any means at their disposal. Before your very eyes, our unreliable experts build, battle and brawl as they attempt to resolve some of life’s epic mysteries from the big bang to the afterlife and many conundrums in between. It’s a creation about creation. A big hearted and hilarious escapade for the whole family that guarantees your most baffling questions answered… sort of.

APAM Gathering participant performance (followed by post-show function): 6:00pm Sat 22 May

Creation Creation post-show drinks hosted by Windmill:
7.30pm Sat 22 May, The Lab, 63 Light Square, Adelaide

Please join us for a drink directly after the 6:00pm performance together with Windmill, the cast and creative team of Creation Creation and fellow APAM Gathering participants. Participants who are unable to make the performance are welcome to attend.

Additional performances: 2:00pm Sat 22 May; 11:00am and 2:00pm Sun 23 May

Duration: 50 mins

Registered participants will receive an exclusive link to book discounted tickets to this performance.

Registered Gathering participants may request to book into dedicated Schools’ Performances and Workshops by emailing DreamBIG Festival at with the subject heading ‘APAM Free Ticket Request’. Booking for schools’ activities is subject to availability.