Walking the Digital Tightrope - Just don't look down!

Walking the Digital Tightrope - Just don't look down!



Time  27 May, 11:45am AEST

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, The Cultch (Vancouver, Canada) chose not to shut down, but rather to dive head first into the unknown by creating a digital stage. They became a producer of digital content.

Artists who made live work brought incredible challenges to the table: How will audiences respond in real time to a live-streamed show? How can Lisa Fa’alafi direct cabaret numbers from Australia? How do you make a physically distanced musical and stream the show live? How do you make a show with original collaborations between circus artists and contemporary classical musicians from across the country and abroad, who would never be in the same room together? And ultimately how do you share these experiments with an audience, ensuring there is context for what they are experiencing and provide opportunities for feedback?

The Cultch’s digital platform opened opportunities for both local and international commissions and presentations, and sparked a desire to continue exploring and redefining what video and online performance can be.

Join The Cultch team as they share their evolution from presenting solely stage-based works to a team that is also on the forefront of innovating a new digital art form.