Digital Gathering

Overview of June 7-9

APAM Online Gathering at RISING takes place 7-9 June (Australian Eastern Standard Time), with a daily commitment of between 1-3 hours for live streamed events, plus on-demand viewing.

The program includes:

PROFILE. Experience the best new work and ideas from Australian and New Zealand artists looking to engage internationally through the APAM pitch program. Curated by the APAM Curatorial Panel Profiles are short presentations in the categories HERE’S WHAT WE MADE for Tour Ready Works and HERE’S OUR IDEAS for work in development.

SHOWCASE will provide an insight into the artists’ practice and the works’ development of the SHOWCASE works being presented in Melbourne at RISING during the in person program.

EXCHANGE provides essential food for thought in our talks and ideas program.

ONE-ON-ONE MATCHED NETWORKING is an opt-in activity in which APAM matches you with other Gathering participants to get to know each other during pre-scheduled, 15-min meetings. You’ll be matched with up to four other participants, according to your nominated interests and priorities.

In structuring the program, careful consideration has been given to scheduling events across time zones in different international regions and minimising screen fatigue.

APAM’s online platform, Swapcard, offers access to Gathering content, live and on demand, and networking with fellow Gathering participants from all around the world. You’ll have the ability to connect with Gathering participants, exchanging details, swapping messages or setting up video calls within the platform.