A Networked Approach

Exploring networks, opportunities and exchange with Canada

In a focused session on the Canadian market, Judy Harquail and Denise Bolduc from CAPACOA and Gilles Doré from CINARS will share insights into the touring and exchange opportunities for international artists. Like Australia, Canada’s international borders were closed for an extended period during the pandemic. Where is the Canadian ecology in its recovery, and what’s shifted for artists and companies making and presenting in Canada? How is the landscape different for international artists looking to engage with Canada through touring, collaboration and exchange? As the global sector recognises the benefits of networked and long-term partnerships, what can we all learn from the successful models in Canada?

Facilitator: Collette Brennan, CEO Abbotsford Convent
Speakers: Judy Harquail, CAPACOA and Ontario Presents (CA) Denise Bolduc, Freelance Curator/Creative Producer (CA) & Gilles Doré CINARS (CA).

Date: Friday 16 June
Time: 16:30-17:30 AEST