Australia-China Creative Collaborations with Young Audiences: Where to next?

Australia-China Creative Collaborations with Young Audiences: Where to next?

Exchange: Panel Discussion

Supported by the National Foundation for Australia-China Relations

Wed 18 May
12:00-1:30pm Sydney/Melbourne
11:30-1:00pm Adelaide
10:00-11:30 China
Held on Zoom

For artists and companies making performance work for young audiences in Australia and China, cross-pollination of ideas and approaches is essential to strengthening creative practice in our respective contexts. Cross-cultural exchange offers an opportunity to imagine ourselves from outside of ourselves, a powerful perspective at a time when physical mobility is restricted.

In this dialogue between colleagues in China and Australia, we will explore the value of deep cultural understanding in collaboration, the journey of building relationships over time, and hear about inspiring possibilities for a creatively connected future, with young people at the centre.

Speakers include Ms Feng Li, President of the China National Theatre for Children in Beijing; Ms Liz Ren of Tong Productions in Beijing; Ms Forrina Chen of The A.S.K. (Art Space for Kids) in Shanghai; Andy Packer of Slingsby in Adelaide; Andrew Threlfall of CDP Theatre Producers in Sydney.

Attendance by invitation to registered Gathering participants from greater China and Australia. Invited participants will receive the Zoom meeting link prior to the event.