Networks for a Sustainable Future: The Role of Collaboration in the sector's response to Climate Change

Exchange: Panel Discussion

Presented in association with the British Council

We will explore the critical role of networks and collaboration in driving systems change in the arts and cultural sector’s response to the global climate crisis.

Our panellists will share their experiences and insights on the importance of building networks and partnerships that honour First Nations and other minoritised groups’ right to self-determination and address complex challenges, such as diversity and inclusion, sustainability and community engagement, in our responses to climate change.

From community-led initiatives to global alliances, our speakers bring diverse perspectives on the role of networks in driving change.

This discussion will inspire and inform audiences on the transformative potential of collaboration and how it can lead to more inclusive, sustainable, and impactful cultural systems.

Facilitator: Antonia Seymour, Arts On Tour.
Speakers include Iris Ping-Chi Hung (Green Art Lab Alliance, TW), Lana Nguyen & Eliki Reade (A Climate For Art) Jen Rae (Centre for Reworlding), Claire G Coleman (Centre for Reworlding) and Vicki Couzens.

Date: Thursday 15 June
Time: 10:00-11:00 AEST