Supporting the Presentation of Experimental & Intercultural Work

Exchange: Brekky Session

Join Independent Producers, Freya Waterson and Jala Adolphus with Sadiah Boonstra (Asia Scholar, Melbourne University / Curator Public Programs Asia TOPA) as they lead a fishbowl format conversation investigating methodologies to support the presentation of experimental and intercultural works.

As producers working internationally to develop, premiere and tour intercultural projects and experimental work, Freya, Jala, and Sadiah are acutely aware of the disconnect often experienced by audiences between what they are seeing / experiencing and the social, cultural and political contexts in which artists develop their work.

Sadiah, Jala, and Freya are working to develop methodologies through which artists develop and create expanded material that presenters can disseminate and connect to audiences alongside the presentation of works. They have observed the challenges when presenting culturally diverse work and wish to address this by collaborating with presenters to offer audiences the opportunity to investigate materials that have been curated and created by the artist so that the artist’s voice and cultural perspective is elevated, rather than interpreted by an external organisation.

During this session, Jala, Freya, and Sadiah will seek the input from artists, programmers, producers and stakeholders to share their experiences and build greater understanding of the barriers and opportunities for developing more robust engagement.

How can we deepen understanding between artists and audiences? How can we facilitate this understanding? What kind of materials, forms or engagement – embodied or material – is needed to achieve this? How might we imagine engaging with expanded materials? How can we encourage access to this kind of “expanded” content?

Date Tuesday 25 February 2020
Time 8:30am – 9:30am
Duration 60 mins
Venue Meat Market