Exchange: Go West - Vancouver, LA, and Mexico

Exchange: Panel Session

Western Arts Alliance WAA and the US West Coast Performing Arts Scene

Western Arts Alliance (WAA) connects artists or their representatives to venues and programmers on the West Coast of the US, North America, and around the Pacific Rim.

Join WAA Executive Director Tim Wilson, Norman Armour (Australia Council), and Laila Thaker in conversation around WAA’s 2020 trans-border conference that begins in Tijuana, MX, and ends in San Diego. This session will include an overview of WAA’s Advancing Indigenous Performance program- a national initiative to build capacity and networks for Indigenous performing arts in the United States.

WAA’s location on the West Coast, scale (700-800 attendees), learning sessions, networking events, and showcase opportunities, make it an ideal platform for Australian artists, producers, and programmers.

Join us to find out how you can leverage this leading North American platform.

Hosted by Tim Wilson (Executive Director, Western Arts Alliance WAA)
Speakers include Laila Thaker (Associate Producer, ILBIJERRI Theatre Company) & Norman Armour (International Development Consultant, North America, Australia Council)

Date Thursday 27 February 2020
Time 10:30am – 11:30am
Duration 60 mins
Venue Meat Market