Image: Muhammad Sa'iq

Hades Memudar (Hades Fading)

Mainteater in association with Kath Papas Productions

Hades Fading (Hades Memudar) is a vocal and visual performance that envisions the Ancient Greek realm of Hades fading away in post-apocalyptic times, when no humans remain to believe in it or imagine the mythical space. The work reflects on memory, media, belief and the potential catastrophe awaiting humans if we don’t care for our world.

Season 27 February – 1 March 2020
Sessions During APAM Gathering 7:30pm Thur 27 Feb, 2pm & 7:30pm Fri 28 Feb
La Mama Courthouse



For 22 years, the Indonesian company Mainteater has created vocal and multilingual performances with writer/ director Sandra Fiona Long and other Melbourne artists, reflecting on consumerism and its impact. Hades Fading (Hades Memudar) is the latest work in this fascinating company’s ongoing history and features a sophisticated interweaving of English and Indonesian language, stunning projections, and an original score performed live.

It is multilingual, and accessible in Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa English across a use of surtitles, visual and vocal translation.

Dates 27 February – 1 March 2020
Venue La Mama Courthouse, 349 Drummond St, Carlton
Running Time 80 mins
Warnings Haze



Writer/theatre maker Sandra Fiona Long
Composer Ria Soemardjo
Costume and Set Designer Emily Barrie
Set and Video Design Deden Bulqini
Lighting Designer Aji Sangiaji
Multi-lingual theatre consultant Jodee Mundy
Producers Kath Papas, Sahlan Mujtaba & Osi Presepti
Onstage Assistance Dasep Sumardjani
Makeup Rachmayati Nilakusumah

Performers Heliana Sinaga, Wawan Sofwan, Godi Suwarna, Rinrin Candraresmi, Ria Soemardjo, Sisca Gunzeng Harp

“This collaboration between two countries was able to embrace two cultures into one beautiful dish of a show’” – Kompasiana, Indonesia

“Stunning from all sides. Acting, design, music and especially the direction create a performance which is truly an aesthetic work of art from all angles.” – Tribune Jateng, Indonesia


Kath Papas
+61 422 570 837