Image: Thomas Henning with Wayang Polah and Survive!Garage


Thomas Henning, TerryandTheCuz and Collaborators

The collision of cultures, old and new, facade and taboo; past eats present, the personal turns universal, the unity of multiplicity, the harmony of pure anarchy…

HuRU-hARa (‘Riot/Chaos’ in Bahasa Indonesia) features avant-garde artists from across Australia and the Nusantara archipelago of South East Asia, drawing on lo-fi, DIY aesthetics and street culture to transform the Convent’s Industrial School and Sacred Heart courtyard into a living installation and non-stop party. From projections to pop up performances, the installation will evolve around a lo-fi dive bar and hotplate street eats, open from 7pm to late each night.

Season 20-23 & 27 February – 1 March 2020
Sessions During APAM Gathering 7:00pm – 10:00pm Thur 27 Feb & Fri 28 Feb
Venue Abbotsford Convent


Every night HuRU-hARa will feature DJs, live music and pop up performances by diverse artists, including Malaysian dancer Rithaudin Abdul Kadir, Butoh artists Yumi Umiumare and Takashi Takiguchi, and renowned Indian Bharatanatyam dancer Swarnamalya Ganesh from Chennai.

Yes No Klub have curated a contingent of avant-garde musicians and sound artists from the underground scene of Yogyakarta and Bandung, Indonesia, to perform and experiment in HuRU-hARa. The line-up will include Riar Rizaldi, Duto Hardono, and radio DJ Karina Sokowati (aka. “haxanized”), the lead singer of Punk/Riot Grrl band Bananch.

Artists will be continually working on the large-scale installation for the duration of HuRU-hARa – adding and changing layers with found materials, from antiques to literal rubbish. Nothing will be permanent and there will always be something new for the senses. Visual artists and designers contributing to the installation include ‘interactive mural’ artists Wayang Polah with Indonesian street art collective Survive!garage, East Timorese visual artist Alfe RM, and creative duo Gundul Peyang.

Co-Curator Thomas Henning
Co-Curator and Design TerryandTheCuz

Season Thur 20 Feb – Sun 23 Feb & Thur 27 Feb – Sun 1 Mar
Times 7pm – 10pm
Venue Abbotsford Convent, 1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford
Price Free
Age Restriction 18+
Warning Smoke effects, Strobe lighting