Leading Is Following Is Leading, Yana Taylor, Performer: Moreblessing Maturure. Image: Liz Ham.

Leading is Following is Leading


“Oh gee, she’s not really leadership material”. People said to me, “You’re being compared to a 6-foot anglo-saxon guy.”  The further you are away from that model, the less of a leader you’re thought to be.” – Ming Long, non-executive director about the Bamboo Ceiling, on The Drum

Beyond policies and promises, what makes you trust certain leaders? What excites or infuriates you about their public appearances, and what conclusions do you reach? Leading is Following is Leading draws on archival footage of political leaders through the decades – from Robert Menzies to Julia Gillard – to which the extraordinary performers Valerie Berry and Moreblessing Maturure sync their own choreographies of gesture, stance and intonation, putting questions about performances of power under the microscope.

Performance 14:00 AEDT, Saturday 24 October 2020
Duration 70 minutes
Cost $40 +BF


Performer & Collaborator Valerie Berry
Performer, Speech Writer & Collaborator Moreblessing Maturure
Multimedia Artist & Collaborator David Kirkpatrick
Video Artist & Collaborator  Sean Bacon
Concept, Research & Direction Yana Taylor

Dramaturg Tariro Mavondo
Dramaturg Chris Ryan
Production & Stage Manager Amber Silk
Lighting Design Frank Mainoo
Video Documentation Martin Fox