Image: Sophie Penkethman-Young.

Live Dreams: Catastrophe


LIVE DREAMS is a new series of curated events for our 2020 Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art, in which artists present their works- and-ideas-in-progress to test them with live audiences, receive feedback and discuss their next steps.

Works that seek to grapple with, refuse, resolve or revel in the multiple layers of catastrophe we are experiencing.

Curator Performance Space
2 hours

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Artists & Project Titles

Katie Sfetkidis
How good is it…
A press conference from lock down in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.  Artist and former Mayoral candidate Katie Sfetkidis delivers a speech for our current political age reflecting on the looming sense of anxiety, fear and helplessness that is pervasive in our current democratic culture

Nikki Heywood, Mark Cauvin and Heidrun Lohr
Broadcast into Oblivion
Broadcast into Oblivion is in development as a chamber performance with vocal recitative alongside double bass, electronic sound, and projected image where the ‘libretto’ takes the form of a mangled manifesto, a vocal, musical and visual rave, or conjecture, or contemplation about how things – the universe and our human place in it – have been formed and may go on being formed; bumping into the limits of our own consciousness; evoking our anthropocentric hubris and our failure, backlit, perhaps, by the wonders of the cosmos. Through a time warped and sonically lush narrative of becomings, Broadcast into Oblivion invites the audience to travel from imagined beginnings to a dystopian present/future, along a radio signal to nowhere and everywhere.

Natasha Tontey
The Order of Autophagia
The Order of Autophagia is an investigation to the notion of sustainability. It’s a speculative practice in thinking how if human self-cycling their energy-making by auto-eating themselves, what would it be if human can consume their own hair scalps and fingernails as the source of energy?

Callum Mooney
Cosmos is a dance theatre work about consciousness, collaborating with projection work and sound design. The work explores topics of death, rebirth, afterlife and the damage to our planets environment.

Kieran Bryant
wetlets dripped down onto the back of my neck, from the figure above
Referencing liquid landscapes and water forms, this performance project adapts a poem I’ve written into a stage-based work. The text forms a loose autobiographical narrative that not only re-frames escape from a sexually abusive relationship, but also re-textualises that story into a larger discussion surrounding visibility and under representation of domestic abuse within queer relationships and community.