Image: Sophie Penkethman-Young.

Live Dreams: Utopia


LIVE DREAMS is a new series of curated events for our 2020 Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art, in which artists present their works- and-ideas-in-progress to test them with live audiences, receive feedback and discuss their next steps.

Works that imagine the best and worst versions of our future world, and the possibilities and pitfalls of reinventing our social, cultural and political structures.

Curator Performance Space
2 hours

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Artists & Project Titles

Luke George
Public Actions – Score for a distant theatre
How do we re-occupy the theatre – the social space that is currently in crisis. For Live Dreams, Luke will loiter in questions of how human beings conduct themselves in public space. Particularly in light of the pandemic and the delicate and complex boundaries it has imposed on how people risk venturing into relationships with others, especially with strangers.

Daley Rangi
Do you dream of making the world a better place? Now’s your chance. Broadcasting lo-fi participatory performance propaganda from Whadjuk Noongar boodja, Benevolent fiddles with colonial concepts of the benevolent dictator; a rebellious experiment in moral despotism and trials of random democracy. What rises to the surface when a “virtuous” individual holds the skeleton key to sovereignty? Rule, run…or revolt.

Julie-Anne Long
Dream of a Queen
For this first stage development of new solo work ‘Queenie’, Julie-Anne Long invites indigenous choreographer Vicki Van Hout – as a continuation of their ongoing conversational relationship – to stimulate and challenge her understanding of the role of the elder in Indigenous culture, and structures for presenting traditional Aboriginal dance.

Kate Hunter
Fugue State
When are we really, truly, dead?

Verbatim theatre meets poetry and live digital manipulation in swirling counterpoint in this meditation on immortality.  Inspired by life extension processes, transplantation, biomedical science and the hopeful desperation of cryogenic preservation, ‘Fugue State’ is an embodied – and disembodied – exploration of the ways in which new technologies have radically shifted the line between living & dying.

Sally Sussman
Game of I-Lands
A science-art performance project which invites the audience into a game about the geopolitical crisis in the south china sea and gives the fishes a voice in the conflict.

Video documentation of the work,  developed over 10 days as part of ADHOCRACY in September 2020, framed by discussion with some of the creative team: artists Valerie Berry, Annemaree Dalziel, Katia Molino Ali Mousawi and Sally Sussman with scientist Cat Dorey and videographer, Ali Mousawi.

Val Lee
The Library Tapes
The work use hypnotic narrative and sound, videos and photographs to construct a dreamy state that explores the contours of the violence and the collective consciousness.