Image: Liz Ham.

Live Futures: Caring for Always


LIVE FUTURES will take shape as a series of public conversations and special events that explore the role of art and artists in defining the new civic life we are entering in this year of disruption and change.

“For us at BlakDance, recovery is better positioned as ‘Re-futuring’. This means embedding the arts sector as part of the national recovery phase. But we don’t want things to remain the same, we want to shift the status quo.” – BlakDance, Refuturing as Recovery for the Arts, 2020

Colonial power structures give way like sandy country. The end of your art world isn’t the end of ours. There was/is no normal to return to. We were always on the brink of no change. Things will always be always. Life after always. Things are going to be always now. In this moment of involuntary slowing, always was always will be Aboriginal land. First Nations curator Hannah Donnelly speaks to Indigenous practitioners from a future they care for.

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