Image: Liz Ham.

Live Futures: The Future of Work


LIVE FUTURES will take shape as a series of public conversations and special events that explore the role of art and artists in defining the new civic life we are entering in this year of disruption and change.

Curators Bek Conroy (Marrickville School of Economics) and Emma Webb (Vitalstatistix) converse with artists, social commentators and activists from Australia and the Asia-Pacific, about the transforming nature, organisation and payment of work. Precarity, labour rights and the future of work have enormous relevance to arts workers, and side-by-side artists have much to offer in speculative, creative and strategic thinking around these critical questions for now and the future. Presented in association with Vitalstatistix’s Bodies of Work initiative.

Curators Bek Conroy and Emma Webb
Duration 2 hours

ON DEMAND: This event was live on Thursday 22 October. See below for a recording from this event. You can find the password for this video in your daily email from APAM. This recording will be available online until Sunday 8 November 2020.