Queer Nu Werk (2019).

Live Sparks

Delve deeper into Liveworks artists’ process as they perform readings from texts that have shaped and influenced their work. Over a lively afternoon Betty Grumble, Joel Bray, John Vea, Th3 Order, Vicki Van Hout and Jonny Seymour will give insights into what fuels their practice and gets their creative juices flowing.

In this intimate one-off event you’ll gain unique insight into the creative process, as our festival artists share experimental readings that shaped their artistic practice and sparked the ideas for their Liveworks projects. These readings and performances will be framed by creative conversations with our Artistic Director and CEO, Jeff Khan. Settle in and watch the live sparks fly.

Throughout the event, we’re going to be compiling the ultimate reading list for creative inspiration! So bring along the name of a text you love, and we’ll send you the complete list after Live Sparks is done.

This is a free event, no bookings required.