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Feedback Loops at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA)

This session introduces the role that performance has played as a part of key ACCA exhibitions, developed by or in collaboration with exhibiting artists, as well as in adjunct programming. Delving into key examples of this critical practice – through recent projects by artists such as Haroon Mirza with composer James Rushford, and Eva Rothschild and choreographer Jo Lloyd, and exhibitions including Framed Movements 2014; Claire Lambe: Mother Holding Something Horrific 2016 and Unfinished Business: perspectives on art and feminism 2017-18 – this session will open up a discussion about the importance, particularities and the complexities of presenting live works within the white cube, and projects beyond the gallery context, among others.

This introduction to ACCA and our program will lead into an open discussion with opportunity for Q&A. This will be followed by a brief curatorial introduction to the Feedback Loops exhibition and performance program, and an opportunity to meet with the ACCA curatorial and executive team.

For Feedback Loops artists Madison Bycroft (Australia/France), Tianzhuo Chen (China), Lu Yang (China), Sahej Rahal (India), Justin Shoulder (Australia) and Zadie Xa (Canada/United Kingdom) have transformed ACCA’s galleries with new commissions and recent works in performance, installation, video, sculpture, drawing, textiles, costuming, artificial intelligence and gaming. Following the discussion and presentation session participants will be invited to access the galleries at their leisure.

Time 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Date Wednesday 26 February 2020
Venue Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA)


The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA) plays an inspirational and critical role investing in our artistic and wider communities, leading the cultural conversation and setting the agenda for contemporary art. Our mission is to Do Art Differently – to challenge, connect and resonate – so that ACCA becomes the go-to place to engage with contemporary art now: a platform for artists, and a centre for the exchange of ideas, to reflect and inspire positive change in people and communities.

ACCA supports artists to make new, risk-taking and experimental work that challenges our thinking, encourages new perspectives, and connects and resonates with a wide range of communities. ACCA develops exhibitions exploring the work and ideas of significant artists from around the world; commissions ambitious new projects by local and international artists and curators within and beyond the gallery walls; and delivers a dynamic range of education, publishing and public programs, including talks, lectures, symposia, writing, performances, screenings, music and events.

For more information about Feedback Loops go to acca.melbourne/exhibition/feedback-loops/

To register for Justin Shoulder’s live performance on Thursday 20 or Saturday 22 February, please visit acca.melbourne/program/carrion/